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Raven Hart enjoys the view from her penthouse balcony while her cuckold husband kisses her ass. Her husband must follow his wifes instructions exactly. If he is good, he might get to taste her pussy, which she almost never lets him do. Raven is teaching her cuckold husband to be a good listener. He must call her Mistress and obediently kiss her ass before he gets to lick it. Raven lets her husband smell the pussy that he never gets to fuck. His wife keeps him locked up nice and tight in chastity, so he knows that he will never get to fuck her the way she lets other men fuck her. Ravens husband is grateful just to be able to smell where the other men fuck her. She lets her obedient husband lick her pussy, just three times. Thats all he gets for today. Raven goes back to enjoying the view. She has complete control over him with the pussy that he will never get.


Site: BratPrincess.us Year: 2018

Kimber wants to win a strap-on contest at her sorority and shes enlisted her mom, Raven, to help. Kimbers mom won the strap-on contest two years in a row back in her sorority days. And she still regularly ass fucks her husband, Marcello. Raven invites her daughter to practice for the contest on her step-father. The mother and daughter each grab a hole and start to fuck Marcello. Hes used to getting ass fucked by his wife but having his step-daughter join in is too much to handle! Marcello tolerates the indignity, even when his step-daughter straps on the largest rubber cock in the familys collection. He begs his step-daughter not to put the huge dildo in his ass, but Kimber is set on winning the sorority contest. She knows that having the biggest rubber cock will really set her apart. Raven passes her husband off to her daughter. She makes Marcello clean her dildo with his mouth after it has been in his ass. Kimber is so happy as she pushes the enormous dildo into her step-father. With a feat like this, shes a shoe-in for the winner! A look of pure anguish registers on Marcellos face and the mother-daughter strap-on team just laughs! The women giggle and play pattycake as they violate two of Marcellos holes. Raven dangles her husbands chastity key in his face while his step-daughter takes him from behind. When Kimber is done fucking her step-dad, she spits in his face and leaves him tied up. She and mom are going to take his credit cards and go shopping. When they get back they might practice some more for the contest.
[HD/2018] BlackAmbush.com: 21 year old - CARA

Actris: CARA Name roliks: 21 year old

Site: BlackAmbush.com Year: 2018

Witness what may well be one of porn's most savage cheating and breaking-up-on-camera moments. Cara is a 21 year old cam girl and has decided to leave her boyfriend because he suddenly decided he no longer wants his girl to be doing that. She tells us she is working on leaving him, is going to start fucking other dudes behind his back on camera (starting TODAY), and drops some truth bombs about this lazy loser and how she has been faking stomach pains to avoid having to fuck him - and he'll find...
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Actris: YouthLust Name roliks: Naomi craves for Cum in her first Porn

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This girl is like a nympho or something, plus she looks like a hentai doll, slim with huge tits. She really loves cock, she craves for it, sucks it, deepthroats it, fucks it, cums for it and in the end is so pleased to receive a big facial. A real joy
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Actris: Ava Addams Name roliks: Rent-A-Pornstar: The Lonely Bachelor

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[FullHD/2018] ManyVids.com: Making You Cum With My Tits - AnnabelleRogers

Actris: AnnabelleRogers Name roliks: Making You Cum With My Tits

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Actris: Karol Lilien Name roliks: Karol Lilien Loves Gangbang

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[HD/2018] BackroomCastingCouch.com: Bree is a medical student and bartender with more than a few kinky surprises - Bree

Actris: Bree Name roliks: Bree is a medical student and bartender with more than a few kinky surprises

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[FullHD/2018] BoxTruckSex.com: Victoria Daniels loves being assfucked in our truck - Victoria Daniels

Actris: Victoria Daniels Name roliks: Victoria Daniels loves being assfucked in our truck

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On this day we was in the center of Prague, and we saw this beautiful lady,Victoria.
After a smart conversation she decided to take a look at our mobile studio,so we have introduced her.
She have been really enjoyed our massage and you have to take a look what was there after our massage...
[HD/2018] BackroomCastingCouch.com: Casting - Sarah

Actris: Sarah Name roliks: Casting

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Aztec-Irish 18 year old Sarah is hoping to learn more about sex by being in the industry. Today we have a very special lesson for our amateur - it's called Straight To The Ass. It's a thing where we skip the pussy sex and go straight to anal sex. It's totally a thing in the porn biz. Sarah, having said she tried anal before and liked it, doesn't balk. And joy of joys, we got ourselves another teen anal lover. Our busty photography nerd takes Vince's cock in her ass without issues, does ass-to-mouth, gives him a rimjob, lets him go from her ass to her pussy for the final fuck, and then lets him unload one of his biggest loads of sperm yet on her nubile face. We'd say Sarah's casting was a great success and we promised the producers would give her a call for paid jobs very soon...
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Actris: Anais Name roliks: Anais, assistante dentaire a Orleans, nous accueille entre ses gros nichons!

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Indecentes-Voisines.com: Vanessa, petite blonde trentenaire, prof en banlieue! - Vanessa  [FullHD/2017]

Actris: Vanessa Name roliks: Vanessa, petite blonde trentenaire, prof en banlieue!

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Actris: Trisha Parks Name roliks: Trisha Parks Is An Anal Sex Slave

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Actris: Sierra Nicole Name roliks: Party crasher

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NaughtyAmerica.com: My First Sex Teacher - Alyssa Cole, Briana Banks  [FullHD/2017]

Actris: Alyssa Cole, Briana Banks Name roliks: My First Sex Teacher

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