[HD/2018] FamiliesTied.com: Submissive Step-Sister Gives Up Her Holes & Her Inhibitions - Kendra Spade, Natasha Nice

Actris: Kendra Spade, Natasha Nice Name roliks: Submissive Step-Sister Gives Up Her Holes & Her Inhibitions

Site: FamiliesTied.com Year: 2018

[HD/2018] WhippedAss.com: Syren de Mer Submits Every Hole to Helena Locke - Helena Locke, Syren de Mer

Actris: Helena Locke, Syren de Mer Name roliks: Syren de Mer Submits Every Hole to Helena Locke

Site: WhippedAss.com Year: 2018

Helena Locke has high expectations of her subs, especially Syren de Mer, who comes to her ready to submit. The chemistry between them is dripping hot as Helena uses Syren in every way, punishing her when she disobeys, and rewarding her for a job well done. Syren's put in multiple positions, including an inverted full suspension, and on her back in chains, as she's subjected to anal strap-on fucking, flogging, caning and spanking. Syren arrives at Helena's dungeon to find a letter, telling her how to present herself. Helena arrives and immediately corrects Syren for her backtalk and sloppy presentation. She puts her on her knees and flogs her ripe ass, the leather swatting her hungry pussy with each strike. Helena then pulls Syren down on her boot and makes her slide her dripping cunt all over it before licking it clean. Syren is then put in an inverted suspension so Helena can have unrestricted access to her creamy pussy. She flogs Syren and eats her pussy, giving her a little pain and a little pleasure at the same time. She then canes her, swatting her legs and her cunt and her ass, before fucking her with a dick-on-a-stick. Syren can't keep herself from cumming, even as she's made to beg for permission. Finally Syren is chained by the ankles and wrists as Helena fucks her tight ass with a strap-on. She torments her at the same time with a vibrator, and Syren can barely take it. She struggles to ask permission to cum while at the same time trying not to. When Helena finally allows it, Syren cums hard, repeatedly. But she's not done yet...Syren still has to give her domme an orgasm, so Helena sits on her face and rides her tongue until she cums. She leaves Syren a used, abused, fucked mess on her floor, and Syren loves every bit of it!
[HD/2018] MyDirtyHobby.com: 1. mal Spanking / 1st time SPANKING - Lia-Louise

Actris: Lia-Louise Name roliks: 1. mal Spanking / 1st time SPANKING

Site: MyDirtyHobby.com Year: 2018

I just want to try many things. Now SPANKING was his turn. I have to say, like pain is something special. This was certainly not the last time. There is still more to go ;-)
FakeHub.com: Lucky taxi drivers physio fuck - Abigail Ash  [HD/2018]

Actris: Abigail Ash Name roliks: Lucky taxi drivers physio fuck

Site: FakeHub.com Year: 2018

[HD/2018] EverythingButt.com: Private Tori Avano's Anal Army Initiation - Tori Avano, Dee Williams, Syren de Mer

Actris: Tori Avano, Dee Williams, Syren de Mer Name roliks: Private Tori Avano's Anal Army Initiation

Site: EverythingButt.com Year: 2018

Tori Avano is an Army Private who is going to get the anal hazing of a lifetime. Dee Williams and Syren De Mer are two MILF commanders who are going to dish out the punishment with glorious tag-teaming action. Poor young Tori is tied up in bondage with her ass exposed and up in the air, ready to take a spanking. Syren De Mer starts the spanking. She warms up Tori's ass with spankings that turn her tushy hot and pink. Dee Williams finishes the spankings, making Tori's pink cheeks so sensitive that she jumps anytime her ass is touched. Syren grabs her flogger and goes to town on Tori's ass, back, and feet. To start, Tori's asshole gets opened up with a metal toy. These anal punishing MILFs know exactly how to open an asshole properly by giving it a good warm-up. The chemistry between all three of these anal whores is strong. Tori's asshole opens from the sexual energy, and just at the right time to attempt to take Dee William's entire fist. This is Tori Avano's very first ever anal fisting. She really wants to impress her commanders. She attempts to take the fist at first but the feelings are too intense for her. She calls mercy but then begs her commanders to try again. One the second attempt, Dee's entire fist goes in and with her ass full, Tori smashes a vibrator against her own clit and makes herself cum. Veteran ass stretcher, Syren De Mer volunteers to show Tori Avano just how its done. Syren takes a full blown anal punching from Dee Williams. Dee and Syren lick up all the gaping holes they create. Finally, Tori is released from bondage and is fully compliant to taking a good hard lesbian anal strap-on fucking from Dee Williams while Syren holds Tori's gaping asshole open and licks all the freshly fucked flesh.
[FullHD/2018] Assylum.com: "YES, SIR" OR CRY - Kendra Heart

Actris: Kendra Heart Name roliks: "YES, SIR" OR CRY

Site: Assylum.com Year: 2018

This is the kind of scene you search and search for. It's got a super hot, young girl submitting to a sadistic, dominant man. It's got brutal anal sex in bondage. It's got deep ass eating and foot worship. Best of all, it's got a great girl who gives her all to submit. When Dr. Mercies tells her he only wants to hear one of two things come out of her mouth--"Yes, Sir" or crying--things get beautiful and deep. We hope you enjoy this scene. Others fake it; we make it.
[FullHD/2018] TrenchCoatX.com: I Got You - Alexa Grace, Markus Dupree

Actris: Alexa Grace, Markus Dupree Name roliks: I Got You

Site: TrenchCoatX.com Year: 2018

Markus works after hours grading papers at his desk when a student drops in. Youre not supposed to be here, he says with apprehension. She smiles at him, almost with pity. Im your student, arent I? Makes sense that I would be here. But hes right. Shes not supposed to be there, and she doesnt take no for an answer.
[FullHD/2018] Graias.com: THE PUNISHMENT OF A YOUNG MODEL - Nike


Site: Graias.com Year: 2018

Nike is a unique phenomenon. She is kind, sexy, talkative and she is like a locomotion. She wheedles everybody. But one day she forgot to come to work after a party all night long. Lomp takes the reins and starts Nike's disciplinary education and by the time laughter turns into tears, Nike becomes a good photo-shoot model.
[FullHD/2018] Graias.com: The Complaint - Part 1 - Amateur

Actris: Amateur Name roliks: The Complaint - Part 1

Site: Graias.com Year: 2018

[FullHD/2018] Graias.com: MAD VANESSA - ROXY, POSITIONS - Vanessa, Roxy

Actris: Vanessa, Roxy Name roliks: MAD VANESSA - ROXY, POSITIONS

Site: Graias.com Year: 2018

Vanessa is a stupid cunt. Why does anyone who cannot bear pain want to earn money with BDSM? She got last chance - tied up. No matter how furious she was, she was given no mercy. Roxy shows in pretty BDSM positions that she can't be pissed off with some cane and whip.
[FullHD/2018] Graias.com: LIFE UNDER LOMPS RULE - PART2 - Julcsi

Actris: Julcsi Name roliks: LIFE UNDER LOMPS RULE - PART2

Site: Graias.com Year: 2018

Today we will witness how a silky snow-white female back turns into a striped burning-red welted thing. You should've seen Julcsi's face when I told her that I was going to whip her today.
[FullHD/2018] Graias.com: LIFE UNDER LOMPS RULE - PART 1 - Julcsi

Actris: Julcsi Name roliks: LIFE UNDER LOMPS RULE - PART 1

Site: Graias.com Year: 2018

There are few more exciting things than when a dominatrix finds herself on the other side of the whip. Julcsi is so frightened that she becomes very stressed. That way it's even harder for her.
[HD/2018] Tuttifrutti.club: Amateur Isabelle punished - Isabelle

Actris: Isabelle Name roliks: Amateur Isabelle punished

Site: Tuttifrutti.club Year: 2018

Euro Amateur Isabelle on the special spanking casting! This 24 years old slutty babe is a little bit perverted, she could be turned on when she's punished. Well, on this BBC casting she got punishment, spanking and fucking as well, but she really enjoyed this special torture!
[HD/2018] TheUpperFloor.com: Sexy Anal Submissive's Serve BDSM Swinger's Ball - Aiden Starr, Ramon Nomar, Karlee Grey, Vanessa Sky

Actris: Aiden Starr, Ramon Nomar, Karlee Grey, Vanessa Sky Name roliks: Sexy Anal Submissive's Serve BDSM Swinger's Ball

Site: TheUpperFloor.com Year: 2018

In part two of our raucous BDSM sex bonanza, Karlee Grey is taught to serve up her orgasms in discipline her slutty anal trainee Vanessa Sky with a firm spanking hand. Governess takes special pleasure in making Karlee squirm and beg for her orgasms, squirting uncontrollably all over her huge tits while the crowd gets horny and cheers her on. Meanwhile Ramon takes Vanessa on a fuck ride through the whole party, humiliating and fucking her deep in her ass just as she likes it. He rides her like a little slut pony all over the room, railing her on every couch and making her beg like a whore for every orgasms speared on his hard dick. The guests get overwhelmed with all the sex in the air, clapping for the house slaves and making mischief of their own. Gorgeous women are spanked by their Master's, fisted, made to suck dick on their knees, and cum in screaming sweaty piles on the sybian. One house guests is covered in tight bondage and hot wax while her latex clad Mistress keeps her under tight control, requesting a thank you with every scream. Aiden Starr joins in the fun, having Karlee lick her cunt until she cums on that little bitches face with great enjoyment. Ramon still hasn't had enough, and after having Vanessa lick his cock clean after her wild anal ride, her brings her to heel at the front the room for one final test. Meanwhile one of our guests of honor is tied in an incredible split position by her Master and has her cunt whipped red with a cat-o-nine tails and still begs her have her whole pussy filled and cums with permission on her Master's hand. All eyes turn to the front of the room where Vanessa is hung like a piece of meat in full suspension, made to recite the rules as she is fucked in the ass. Karlee squats like a good girl over a hitachi and suffers for her submissive trainee's fun with tight clover clamps on her labia and nipples, pulled off slowly and painfully by Aiden Starr until she is ready to get on her knees and get her pussy fisted, soaking the carpet with squirt and begging for Ramon's hot cum all over her face. Looks like the house is finally back in order.
[FullHD/2018] SubSpaceLand.com: Restrained In Ropes 341 - Sarah Smith

Actris: Sarah Smith Name roliks: Restrained In Ropes 341

Site: SubSpaceLand.com Year: 2018

[FullHD/2018] SubSpaceLand.com: Slaves Of The Dungeon Lord - part III 340 - Candee Licious, Noa Livia

Actris: Candee Licious, Noa Livia Name roliks: Slaves Of The Dungeon Lord - part III 340

Site: SubSpaceLand.com Year: 2018

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