[SD/2018] EverythingButt.com: Dana DeArmond's Anal Agency: Boss Bitch Trains Anal Newbie - Vienna Black,Maddy O'Reilly,Dana DeArmond

Actris: Vienna Black,Maddy O'Reilly,Dana DeArmond Name roliks: Dana DeArmond's Anal Agency: Boss Bitch Trains Anal Newbie

Site: EverythingButt.com Year: 2018

[HD/2018] FamiliesTied.com: Lesbian Teen Eliza Jane Gets Anal Revenge From Step Mom Ryan Keely - Eliza Jane, Ryan Keely

Actris: Eliza Jane, Ryan Keely Name roliks: Lesbian Teen Eliza Jane Gets Anal Revenge From Step Mom Ryan Keely

Site: FamiliesTied.com Year: 2018

[SD/2018] WhippedAss.com: Intern Summer Day submits to kinky office sex with boss Bella Rossi - Bella Rossi, Summer Day

Actris: Bella Rossi, Summer Day Name roliks: Intern Summer Day submits to kinky office sex with boss Bella Rossi

Site: WhippedAss.com Year: 2018

[SD/2018] UltimateSurrender.com: Kelli Provocateur vs Cheyenne Jewel - Cheyenne Jewel, Kelli Provocateur

Actris: Cheyenne Jewel, Kelli Provocateur Name roliks: Kelli Provocateur vs Cheyenne Jewel

Site: UltimateSurrender.com Year: 2018

[SD/2018] UltimateSurrender.com: Charlotte Sartre vs Daisy Ducati - Charlotte Sartre, Daisy Ducati

Actris: Charlotte Sartre, Daisy Ducati Name roliks: Charlotte Sartre vs Daisy Ducati

Site: UltimateSurrender.com Year: 2018

[HD/2018] UltimateSurrender.com: Savannah Fox vs London River - Savannah Fox, London River

Actris: Savannah Fox, London River Name roliks: Savannah Fox vs London River

Site: UltimateSurrender.com Year: 2018

[HD/2018] EverythingButt.com: Strip Poker: Three Anal Whores Go All In - Aiden Starr, Kimber Woods, Cheyenne Jewel

Actris: Aiden Starr, Kimber Woods, Cheyenne Jewel Name roliks: Strip Poker: Three Anal Whores Go All In

Site: EverythingButt.com Year: 2018

[HD/2018] WhippedAss.com: Syren de Mer Submits Every Hole to Helena Locke - Helena Locke, Syren de Mer

Actris: Helena Locke, Syren de Mer Name roliks: Syren de Mer Submits Every Hole to Helena Locke

Site: WhippedAss.com Year: 2018

Helena Locke has high expectations of her subs, especially Syren de Mer, who comes to her ready to submit. The chemistry between them is dripping hot as Helena uses Syren in every way, punishing her when she disobeys, and rewarding her for a job well done. Syren's put in multiple positions, including an inverted full suspension, and on her back in chains, as she's subjected to anal strap-on fucking, flogging, caning and spanking. Syren arrives at Helena's dungeon to find a letter, telling her how to present herself. Helena arrives and immediately corrects Syren for her backtalk and sloppy presentation. She puts her on her knees and flogs her ripe ass, the leather swatting her hungry pussy with each strike. Helena then pulls Syren down on her boot and makes her slide her dripping cunt all over it before licking it clean. Syren is then put in an inverted suspension so Helena can have unrestricted access to her creamy pussy. She flogs Syren and eats her pussy, giving her a little pain and a little pleasure at the same time. She then canes her, swatting her legs and her cunt and her ass, before fucking her with a dick-on-a-stick. Syren can't keep herself from cumming, even as she's made to beg for permission. Finally Syren is chained by the ankles and wrists as Helena fucks her tight ass with a strap-on. She torments her at the same time with a vibrator, and Syren can barely take it. She struggles to ask permission to cum while at the same time trying not to. When Helena finally allows it, Syren cums hard, repeatedly. But she's not done yet...Syren still has to give her domme an orgasm, so Helena sits on her face and rides her tongue until she cums. She leaves Syren a used, abused, fucked mess on her floor, and Syren loves every bit of it!
[HD/2018] EverythingButt.com: Private Tori Avano's Anal Army Initiation - Tori Avano, Dee Williams, Syren de Mer

Actris: Tori Avano, Dee Williams, Syren de Mer Name roliks: Private Tori Avano's Anal Army Initiation

Site: EverythingButt.com Year: 2018

Tori Avano is an Army Private who is going to get the anal hazing of a lifetime. Dee Williams and Syren De Mer are two MILF commanders who are going to dish out the punishment with glorious tag-teaming action. Poor young Tori is tied up in bondage with her ass exposed and up in the air, ready to take a spanking. Syren De Mer starts the spanking. She warms up Tori's ass with spankings that turn her tushy hot and pink. Dee Williams finishes the spankings, making Tori's pink cheeks so sensitive that she jumps anytime her ass is touched. Syren grabs her flogger and goes to town on Tori's ass, back, and feet. To start, Tori's asshole gets opened up with a metal toy. These anal punishing MILFs know exactly how to open an asshole properly by giving it a good warm-up. The chemistry between all three of these anal whores is strong. Tori's asshole opens from the sexual energy, and just at the right time to attempt to take Dee William's entire fist. This is Tori Avano's very first ever anal fisting. She really wants to impress her commanders. She attempts to take the fist at first but the feelings are too intense for her. She calls mercy but then begs her commanders to try again. One the second attempt, Dee's entire fist goes in and with her ass full, Tori smashes a vibrator against her own clit and makes herself cum. Veteran ass stretcher, Syren De Mer volunteers to show Tori Avano just how its done. Syren takes a full blown anal punching from Dee Williams. Dee and Syren lick up all the gaping holes they create. Finally, Tori is released from bondage and is fully compliant to taking a good hard lesbian anal strap-on fucking from Dee Williams while Syren holds Tori's gaping asshole open and licks all the freshly fucked flesh.
[HD/2018] WhippedAss.com: Horny roommate anally dominates redhead slut - Daisy Ducati, Lauren Phillips

Actris: Daisy Ducati, Lauren Phillips Name roliks: Horny roommate anally dominates redhead slut

Site: WhippedAss.com Year: 2018

Daisy Ducati catches roommate Lauren Philips masturbating to hardcore lezdom porn and using her butt plug! Lauren is so embarrassed and starts dressing, but Daisy isn't going to let this slut get away that easily. She cancels her evening plans and dominates her roommate! Lauren moans as Daisy pushes the plug in and out of her asshole. When Daisy breaks out her strap-on cock, Lauren can't wait to get fucked. Lauren's boyfriend would never fuck her up the ass! Daisy wastes no time pushing her beautiful cock into this anal slut. Lauren loves getting fucked in her ass and reaches her hand back to finger her cunt. Stuffed in both holes, Lauren is a very happy slut. She cums hard on Daisy's cock and then is tied up. Now helpless, Lauren squirms as Daisy breaks out the rest of her toys. Daisy flogs and canes Lauren all over her body. Then she teases Lauren with the zapper. Lauren's eyes widen in fear as Daisy runs it all over her body. Daisy tells Lauren she'll go easy on her with the zapper -- if Lauren licks her pussy good enough! She sits on Lauren's face and Lauren sucks eagerly at Daisy's cunt. Daisy cums hard on Lauren's face and then decides to fuck Lauren with a dick on a stick. Lauren's cunt clamps down hard around this cock, and she cums hard as Daisy slides it in and out of her pussy. Now it's Daisy's turn for more orgasms. She frees Lauren so Lauren can slip her fingers into Daisy's cunt. Lauren's fingers slide in easily and soon her whole fist is in Daisy! Daisy cums hard on Lauren's fist and squirts all over Lauren's bed. Lauren laps up her cum like a good little slut.
[HD/2018] EverythingButt.com: Butthole Prison: Dee Williams Locks Up Charlotte Sartre for Anal Fraud - Charlotte Sartre, Dee Williams

Actris: Charlotte Sartre, Dee Williams Name roliks: Butthole Prison: Dee Williams Locks Up Charlotte Sartre for Anal Fraud

Site: EverythingButt.com Year: 2018

Charlotte Sartre is a very disobedient inmate at the all women's prison. She's been keistering anal toys and copulating with the other female prisoners. The Butthole Prison has brought attention to the Warden on this issue. Anal Warden, Dee Williams is a no nonsense busty MILF who has been known for doing extraordinarily cruel and unusual things to her female inmates. Charlotte denies she's done anything wrong and seems to think she can prove her innocence by NOT being able to fit any toys into her a?tight assa?. If the anal toys don't fit, you must acquit. Unfortunately for anal hungry Charlotte, try as hard as she can to keep her asshole tight, it just wants to stay open and suck up everything in its path. You could drive a truck through Charlotte's loose butthole. Dee starts with a nice firm over the knee spanking. Charlotte's tushy turns bright red and she writhes with pain and pleasure. The spanking isn't enough punishment, so Dee starts fingering and plugging Charlotte's asshole with toys. Charlotte's ass starts gaping wide open and Dee knows right away that she has caught her Anal Toy Smuggler and needs to administer a full anal examination. Dee then has to check the entire asshole so she performs a body cavity search putting her entire fist into Charlotte's ass. Determined to understand how Charlottes has been getting all these toys past the prison inspections, Dee has Charlotte demonstrate how she was able to stretch her ass out for keistering. Charlotte puts a giant red butt plug in Dee's asshole so that Dee can see how easy it is to hide things in buttholes. After learning how Charlotte is doing her bad deeds, Dee must perform one last punishment, She straps on a huge anal dildo and strap on fucks her poor, powerless inmate, leaving her asshole gaping wide open.
[HD/2018] WhippedAss.com: Olive Glass Puts Up Every Hole For Whipped Ass - Cherry Torn, Olive Glass

Actris: Cherry Torn, Olive Glass Name roliks: Olive Glass Puts Up Every Hole For Whipped Ass

Site: WhippedAss.com Year: 2018

Olive is super excited to shoot for Whipped Ass, and she wants it all: spanking, flogging, fucking, anal, pussy licking...everything! She's a natural submissive, ready to please, and with Cherry Torn calling the shots, she gets it all and more! Cherry spanks her and inspects her, teaching her how to show gratitude, and the importance of asking for permission before cumming. Every time Olive cums she has to ask, and she has to endure pain at the same time. Olive is spanked relentlessly, then paddled on her feet and desperately hungry pussy, testing her endurance. She's then rewarded by getting her wet cunt finger-fucked. Cherry hands her a vibrator and Olive cums repeatedly. Olive is then put in a partial suspension with a ball gag and her ass out, and Cherry flogs her sweet ass, tenderizing her for what's to come. She climbs in front of Olive and makes her eat her wet, slutty pussy, and her tight asshole, making her cum again and again. Olive is finally spread open while Cherry fucks her pussy with a strap on. She pounds Olive and crops her, all while using her hole in every way. She turns her over and fucks her ass, making her cum multiple times. Finally, Cherry slides her fist into Olive's worn cunt and fists her, which Olive simply can't get enough of, and she cums hard, just before Cherry decides enough is enough, and says no more!
[HD/2018] WhippedAss.com: Busty Thief Captured and Tased to Orgasm! - Chanel Preston, Ivy LeBelle

Actris: Chanel Preston, Ivy LeBelle Name roliks: Busty Thief Captured and Tased to Orgasm!

Site: WhippedAss.com Year: 2018

The busty and beautiful Ivy Lebelle is caught stealing Chanel Preston's hidden stash of cash! Ambushed by Chanel and woman-handled into submission, Ivy is terrified - stammering and beading with sweat - but still unwilling to give up the name of her boss. That's not problem for Chanel, who knows how to extract information from tough whores like Ivy. Trussing the determined slut up with duct tape and ripping every shred of tight clothing off of her body, Chanel buzzes a taser in Ivy's face and grazes it over her thighs, making this terrified thief scream and beg for mercy. Spanking and flogging Ivy's juicy ass, caning her feet, squeezing her puffy nipples, and slapping her ripe tits finally gets Chanel the intel she wants! Still shaking with fear and guilt at having given up her boss, Ivy begins to moan as Chanel rubs her swollen clit, sensitive from the interrogation. Sinking slowly deeper into Chanel's mind games, Ivy's tight cunt gets wet with pleasure as orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her body, struggling against the duct tape that binds her. But Chanel isn't going to let her toy go so soon! She binds Ivy onto her back, splaying the dripping lips of her pussy wide open with clothespins and fucking her with one hard cock and then another, in missionary and doggy, continuing to tear orgasm after orgasm from this hungry slut! Chanel rides Ivy's face, smearing her makeup with cum and cunt as she gets her own pleasure before flipping Ivy over and fucking her deep in the ass. This little thief whore can't stop cumming as Chanel fucks her tight asshole in missionary and doggy, screaming from the overwhelming pleasure of constant orgasm. Finally spent, little Ivy is thrown back to her boss, who's even more devious and twisted than Chanel...
[HD/2018] WhippedAss.com: Delirious Hunter's Orgasms Belong to Latex Dominatrix Aiden Starr - Delirious Hunter, Aiden Starr

Actris: Delirious Hunter, Aiden Starr Name roliks: Delirious Hunter's Orgasms Belong to Latex Dominatrix Aiden Starr

Site: WhippedAss.com Year: 2018

Svelte sphinx Delirious Hunter has been beating up pathetic boys in her dungeon all week and needs a release! Ready to let go, submit her body completely, and choke down a dose of her own medicine, Miss Hunter texts the one woman she knows who can deliver the pain and pleasure she craves - the divine, the infamous: Mistress Aiden Starr. These two dominatrix pros waste no time, consuming each other quickly - each in her own way. Aiden teases, chokes, humiliates, and tempts Delirious, and Delirious, quite simply, can't stop fucking cumming. Stripped out of her latex into just her stilettos and thigh high pantyhose - and with the glorious tits of Aiden Starr bouncing above her - Delirious cums while being spanked, caned, and flogged with her very own whips. Wet, pink, bruised, and begging for more, Aiden easily shoves her entire hand deep into this whore's slutty cunt, extracting orgasm after orgasm as Delirious screams against her fist. Seemingly an endless well of pleasure, Delirious begs again and again of her mistress, dedicating each and every orgasm to the beauty and wit of the glorious Aiden. Spread-eagle, gagged, and bound standing to a pole, Delirious is covered in no less than eleven clover clamps - crisscrossing her tits, face, belly, and cunt. With a thick, long dick deep in her cunt, Delirious again becomes deliriously lost in her own pleasure as Aiden tears orgasm after orgasm from her adorable little dominatrix-turned-submissive. Struggling against her ropes to finally get to her true prize - Aiden's delicious cunt - Delirious twists and turns, stretching and reaching, until she finally breaks free for a face full of heaven. Aiden takes full advantage, riding her whore's face and smothering Delirious in her voluminous ass until she's ready to flip her over and take Deliriousa begging, spit-covered hole. Fully giving herself to Aiden, Delirious takes every inch of this dominatrix-of-dominatrixes, swallowing Aiden into her ass as she begs again and again to cum in missionary and doggy. As Delirious' eyes roll back in her head and she becomes merely a set of wet holes writhing and begging on the bed, it's clear that her clit has become completely and forever devoted to Aiden Starr. And what becomes of such a slut? Ask all the boys already lined up outside Delirious' dungeon waiting to be dominated by this queen of kink.
WhippedAss.com: Double Stuffed Slut: Horny Lesbians Tag Team Pizza Delivery Girl - Bella Rossi, Lily LaBeau, Lea Lexis [HD/2017]

Actris: Bella Rossi, Lily LaBeau, Lea Lexis Name roliks: Double Stuffed Slut: Horny Lesbians Tag Team Pizza Delivery Girl

Site: WhippedAss.com Year: 2017


Site: PerverX.com Year: 2017
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